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Transparent Dried Flower Bookmarks

  • Unique design

    This transparent dried flower bookmark is handmade from real flowers and plants, making each bookmark unique, delicate, elegant and vibrant.

  • High-quality materials

    These dried flower bookmarks are made of high quality materials, durable and reliable and not easy to break.

  • Durability

    The bookmarks are made from processed dried flowers, which means you can enjoy the bookmarks for a long time and use them without withering or fading.

  • Widely used

    Not only are they bookmarks, they can also be used as decorations, gifts or collectibles.

  • Gift options

    As an exquisite decoration and gift, it is suitable for giving to friends, family or colleagues as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, graduation gift, etc.

  • Feel free to DIY

    You can patiently open the stickers and insert the things you want to bookmark, and everyone can be as creative as they want.


30 pieces

60 pieces

90 pieces


Artisans carefully arrange the dried flowers and botanical fragments within the transparent material, creating visually fascinating designs.

Gift options

This is a thoughtful and unique gift for a book lover, nature lover, or anyone who appreciates beautiful and delicate craftsmanship.

Easy to use

Transparent dried flower bookmarks not only serve as functional bookmarks, but also as decorative items.

What our customers say

These bookmarks are so beautiful, such a work of art! Not only do they help me mark the pages of my books, but they also add a touch of nature to reading.


These bookmarks are made of transparent material, allowing flowers and plants to be clearly visible, creating a unique visual enjoyment. The material is soft and does not cause any damage to the sides.


These clear dried flower bookmarks are the perfect gift for my friends! She loved flowers and reading, and every time she opened a book she could see these beautiful flowers that reminded her of the joy of reading.


The design of these transparent dried flower bookmarks is very delicate, the flowers and plants are perfectly encapsulated in the transparent material, preserving their natural beauty. Every time I use these bookmarks I feel the nature and peace they bring.


Although they look fragile, they are well made and can withstand long term use. I have been using them for a long time and the flowers and plants still retain their original beauty.


Not just a practical tool, but a work of art. I love how unique and personal they are. Not only do they make reading more enjoyable, but they are also a nice addition to my bookshelf.